List of Women Empowerment Schemes in India


In India, the history of women empowerment is not as the whole world. Women were respected and held status in society in both ancient and medieval India.

But after the British invasion and the contamination of British culture in India made women lose the respect and privileges they enjoy. Women were the most who suffered during the partition as well.

After independence, many acts and schemes were launched to regain women’s status and recognition in Independent India, which encourages women’s education, right to vote, and involvement in politics and finances. That is how we come to see our 1st and to date only female prime minister of India Smt.Indira Gandhi (1966-77).

What Are the Women Empowerment Schemes in India?

However, still there are places in Independent India where women are still facing exploitation and domination. To provide women opportunities Indian government launches multiple schemes and acts for women’s empowerment, to provide women with educational, financial, and social opportunities.

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List of Women Empowerment Schemes in India

List of Women Empowerment Schemes in India

1. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme (BBBP)

The BBBP scheme was launched by the prime minister of India Narendra Modi in 2015 in Haryana. The scheme Beti Padhao, Beti Padhao translates as ‘Save the girl child, educate the girl child‘.

The BBPP scheme is to show concerns about girls’ education and gender-based discrimination. It was launched with an initial funding of rupees 100 crores.

The objective of this scheme was to ensure women’s education and participation. It also in short the survival and protection of the girl child. The best thing about the BBBP scheme is to eliminate gender discrimination.

2. One Stop Centre Scheme

The OSC is a component of an umbrella scheme that encompasses the Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahayog Yojana. The One Stop Centre scheme is also known as Sakhi.

The objective of OSC is to Support women who were affected by violence in public or private places. The OSC ensure to support women from any kind of violence they face whether publicly in working places, in school, in society, etc, or privately at home or under one roof.

They provide emergency or non-emergency facilities within a range including medical, legal, and psychological support and counseling facilities irrespective of caste, region, and religion under one roof.

3. Women Helpline Scheme

The women’s helpline scheme provides a 24-hour emergency and immediate service for women. It is related to a one-stop center scheme.

The objective of this scheme is to provide women with any kind of help and support for 24 hours. The helpline number is 181 a toll-free helpline number available 24 hours to provide support and emergency for women.

Any woman or girl facing problems of violence in a public or private area or at home by inlaws for dowery or marriage problems can toll-free this number.

4. Ujjawala Scheme

Ujjawala was another scheme amongst the list of schemes launched by hon’ble prime minister Narendra Modi. It was launched in 2016 in Uttar Pradesh.

The objective of the Ujjawala scheme was to prevent women and girls from being trafficked for commercial and sexual exploitation.

Ujjawala also ensures to provide facilities such as food, shelter, clothing, medical aids, counseling, and legal and safe custody to the victims who were rescued from the places of exploitation.

5. Working Women Hostel Scheme

This women empowerment scheme in India was launched in 1972-73.

The objective of the scheme is to provide safe housing and a secure environment for working women. They also provide daycare for their kids. For this, the Indian government built hostels in rented spaces to support women’s empowerment.

6. Mahila Police Volunteer Schemes

The government scheme for women of Mahila Police Volunteer (MPV) was launched in 2016 by the Ministries of Women and Child Development and Home Affairs.

The objective of MPV is to serve as a public-policy interface a connection between police and locals to fight violence against women.
The Mahila Police Volunteer has to report crimes related to women and girls such as exploitations in a public or private area, dowry, child marriage, violence, etc.
The MPV also encourages women to join the police force and volunteer services.

7. Swadhar Greh

The Swadhar Greh scheme of women empowerment in India was launched in 2018.

The objective of Swadhar Greh was to provide primary needs for women such as food, clothing, Shelter, and medical treatment for women. They also provide women with legal guidance and aid.

8. STEP (Support to Training and Employment Program for Women)

STEP was operated from 1986-87 it was renewed in 2014. The ministry of women and child development operated STEP as ask ‘Central sector scheme‘.

The objective of STEP is to provide training and skills to women that give them employment.
STEP provides a safe and secure organization with funding for women in which they learn and get training in the skills that provide them a source of employment.

9. Mahila Shakti Kendras (MSK)

The MSK is another scheme for women empowerment in India. It was initiated in 2017 by the ministry of women and child development across India for empowering women.

The aim of MSK is to create an environment where women can have asses to quality education, health guidance, and employment.
The provides services in one location where women can improve their talent and education. The MSK provides opportunities at both the block and district levels.

10. Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme

It was launched in 2006. The scheme is to provide nutrition and health care to working women who are mothers. It also promises to provide support and care to their children with education, social, and physical development.
They also initiate programs for awareness of child care and health with procedures and practices. This is a very helpful government scheme for housewives who are mothers as well.

11. Nirbhaya Scheme

The Nirbhaya scheme was launched in 2012. Nirbhaya means fearless, so as Nirbhaya scheme ensures strict security, privacy, and confidentiality of women’s identity and information. The Nirbhaya scheme provides safety and security to women at various levels

12. Mahila E-Haat

The scheme of women empowerment of Mahila e- haat was to provide women with entrepreneurship and opportunities online which is launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. They provide education for women about online selling and marketing to establish their own enterprises.

Q. What are the 5 types of women empowerment?

I. Social Empowerment
II. Economic Empowerment
III. Educational Empowerment
IV. Political Empowerment
V. Psychological Empowerment

Q. What are the schemes for women’s empowerment in India?

Already mentioned 12 schemes which launched to focus on women empowerment.

How long can a woman stay under the Working Women Hostel scheme?

Max. 3 years.

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